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Homophobic #ToMyUnbornChild tweets turned into PSA

Charlotte Moore from Raleigh, North Carolina has created a PSA against homophobia after the Twitter hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild attracted homophobes to publicly announce that they would murder their child if he or she was gay.

#ToMyUnbornChild became a trending topic on Twitter a few weeks ago, and while most people used it to write loving tweets to their future children, some homophobes decided to do just the opposite.

@Homophobes, a Twitter account that retweets homophobes to expose their ignorance, published an article of 100 extremely homophobic tweets, which gained quite a bit of attention around the web.

Charlotte Moore was inspired, and decided to write and direct a PSA using the tweets. The video was produced by Brian Lee and Nick Heim. 

From the video’s description:

I got the idea on a Thursday. By Sunday, we — me, my boyfriend, and whatever friends we could find to help us — had it filmed.

It’s easy to dehumanize hate speech online because we’ve gotten so used to seeing it. We tell ourselves that it’s the product of trolls, of random, anonymous strangers. 

Except they’re not. They’re real people. Many of them will be parents. And some of their children will be gay.

The homophobic tweets, which were compiled using Storify, gaining nearly 300,000 views, 4,000 tweets, and thousands of reblogs and likes from our Tumblr post and another Tumblr user. The post was covered by the Huffington Post, The New Civil Rights MovementQueerty, TowleroadBuzzfeed, AmericaBLOG, and several other blogs.

Last weekend, @homophobes also published a satirical guide on how to “rid the gay” from your child.

More info:

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